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February 18, 2019

I have always dabbled in yoga, but last month I decided to challenge myself and practice yoga everyday. I did of course need help with this and since I had just moved to a new country, I decided to take advantage of YouTube. I followed the Yoga challenge with Adrian– a 30-day challenge that I would recommend to anyone who has or has not done Yoga before.

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My yoga apparel has always been from mass produced brands such as H&M, Zara etc., so in order to slow down the fashion I was wearing, I explored brands I had not heard of before. I have to say that sustainable yoga wear is stretchier, more comfortable and longer lasting than any other yoga apparel I have purchased.


Pronounced “vai-ah’mah” which is a 3000-year-old Sanskrit word meaning “to move” and “to tame the inner breath,” the ancient Ayurvedic texts describe VYAYAMA as movement designed to stabilize and strengthen the body.

They sent me a white rib tank made from tencel jersey, which is naturally hypoallergenic. The skin ph is balanced and manages moisture away from the body. I also received their sunset shadow print leggings. They are free of side seams and the placement print wraps and contours the body. The leggings are made of naturally soft and cool jersey. The top is easy to wear with any yoga leggings and can also be worn over any daytime casual outfit as well.


Yuhme sent me The Namaste, one of their reusable water bottles made from sugarcane that is naturally irrigated in Brazil. Yuhme produces a bio-plastic from the renewable, raw material ethanol sugarcane and the production process has a negative CO2 footprint! For every ton of bio-plastic produced, 2.4 tons of CO2 is removed. The water bottle is BPA and toxin free, designed and produced in Sweden. Not only do I need it when I’m doing yoga, but it’s become my daily-use bottle as well.

Max & Me

As soon as I’ve showered after my yoga routine, it has become a tradition for me to apply either the sweet serenity rescue balm or purity and grace facial oil cleanser. They fill my skin with the most beautiful, vibrant flow of energy. Through their innate healing abilities, Max & Me skincare realigns people with the wholeness that is already inside themselves. It is said to be skincare line that brightens both people and the world we live in. I was gifted a kit with several small bottles in very attractive packaging! I also loved their sweet serenity mask and wash.

The Namaste reusable water bottle

Max & Me Purity & Grace facial oil cleanser

Yoga Democracy

I received Urban Camo leggings and the Namaprey printed yoga leggings. Both are made from echino-fabric that’s breathable and sweat-wicking to keep your skin cool during hot and sweaty workouts. The leggings are rated excellent for UPF protection (equivalent to UVB/UVA 40-50+) and they are made from a luxury Italian fabric derived from post-consumer plastic including plastic water bottles. On their website they state “our leggings have recycled 336,000 water bottles and counting.” Also known to be chlorine, sun and oil-resistant, I love the wide range of striking prints they offer. These leggings are the type of yoga pants that mold to the body completely

VYAYAMA White rib tank and Yoga Democracy Urban Camo leggings in RoseI’m still working to push myself in yoga by practicing new movements and watching different videos. From my experience, the best thing about yoga is that it relaxes my mind as well as my body. To anyone interested in practicing, I would recommend doing a huge stretch and just get started! Never any day better than today!


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