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July 1, 2019

It’s been over a year now that I’ve switched to ethical beauty and fashion, and although the transformation has been slow, I now love the feel of my clothes and skin care more than ever. The world is definitely getting more aware of sustainable living with swap parties being held, second-hand street fairs and a new niche of luxury sustainable boutiques seem to have appeared all over.


I decided to talk about one of my favorite sustainable streetwear outfits for this article. But the question will always arise as to why one should invest in sustainable street wear when you have an easier and maybe cheaper option at the store next door, that will give you a fast fashion fix in no time at all. What people forget is that the smaller companies make their clothes using better quality labor, fibers, and materials, so it makes sense that they are priced higher because they will last you much longer.

My top, made by the Hemp Temple, is a totally airy and breathable wraparound, so even though it’s
black, I can wear it all through the summer! Hemp can also be used to create plastics, oils, housing, food, paper, medicine, personal hygiene, and textiles; it is a crop that rejuvenates the soil. The top came packaged in a recycled silk sari bag, sourced from a local women’s sewing organization located in Pushkar, India. They even used biodegradable post bags!


From my long list of favorite sustainable products, there’s one that I can’t seem to want to get out from, my jeans from Outland Denim Up to 1800 gallons of water is used to make a pair of denim jeans, so when you buy one you need to be mindful of their durability as well. I have to admit, that recently comfort became my top priority and I’ve almost stopped wearing my regular denims. These Outland Denim jeans are my go-to ‘boyfriend jeans’ to travel, for an evening out or for any outdoor activity. They are totally stretch, completely durable and really don’t need to be washed every time you wear them!

After learning of a girl that had been rescued and rehabilitated – James the founder of Outland Denim also founded the Denim Project, which enables girls who demonstrate an interest in sewing to learn and put their new skills to use. They are committed to sourcing the most ethically and environmentally sound raw materials, from organic cotton pocket linings to recycled packaging!


My most favorite sustainable product is a pair of shoes from Pozu . I have two pairs, but my top favorites are a pair of silver pull-on sneakers in collaboration with Star Wars! Made using Piñatex, an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre, which is a great vegan alternative to leather. While being strong it is also soft, light, flexible and breathable. These sneakers contain no pesticides, bleaches or toxic dyes and are locally sourced wherever possible. Moreover, they use organic cotton in their shoes and all their leather is chromium-free. The majority of their shoes are designed for disassembly and is glue-less (they use natural latex as a temporary bond before stitching the components together). Some of their shoes contain water-based glues. I think the images do all the work of explaining how funky and stylish they are as well, not to mention I can walk for hours in them!


In conclusion – who said dressing sustainably had to be boring?

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